Mr Chins Laundry Bag. Rich Textured Cotton. Rich Dark Chocolate Waffle Only. Unavailable Due To Covid-19. ETA Oct/Nov. Hopefully! Apologies.


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The ultimate laundry bag for your loft apartment and to take travelling. The rich textured waffle cotton comes in Rich Dark Chocolate. And gorgeous Snowflake. Both are machine washable. We always recommend cold water. The hanging cord, with its good luck bead, will take a hanging weight of 80kg. It's strong!

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). And for our international customers, we debit your credit card in Australian dollars. In addition to the invoice you receive when you place your order online, I issue my own inhouse Tax Invoices that are included with every parcel. For Australian customers, my Tax Invoices are compliant with the ATO and their requirements for the GST.

The laundry bag that's perfect to hang up in your Manhattan "loft apartment" or take with you on the Orient Express. And when it's full, button it up and carry it. It looks like a beautiful piece of luggage.
The exquisite tapestries and beautiful, plain cottons, are tough, washable and have a timeless elegance. This laundry bag will last you a long, long time. In fact, we think it will become a family heirloom to be passed on from one generation to the next.
Carefully cut for a slight taper and a perfect match between collar and body, the fabric edges are individually overlocked, even though they aren't visible. All the seams are additionally top stitched for ultimate strength and for that absolutely perfect finish. And don't worry about the weight. The woven support cords that hold the brass rings and wooden toggles are triple stitched to the bag and have been tested to 80kg breaking strain.
This quality of materials and workmanship, although once common, is today, sadly lacking, and we looked to the past for our inspiration.
The Tale of Mr Chin
We've based this laundry bag on the one that Carol's mother made and used, to take the family laundry to Mr Chin's. It reflects the classic elegance and practicality of an earlier New York. Carrying the weekly wash from their fourth floor walk up apartment, on 82nd Street, to Mr Chin's Laundry on 2nd Avenue was a ritual, and the bag was made for the journey.
Carol's commercial artist father and her couture dressmaker mother designed and made the bag to be beautiful and practical. And since it had to withstand the bumpy walk up and down four flights of stairs, the rigours of New York streets, as well as the judgement of Mr Chin, the bag had to be just right. And it was. So in family history it soon became known as "Mr Chin's Laundry Bag".
And, with a few practical changes, this is the bag we make for you.
As with the original, it's the attention to every detail that makes this laundry bag extra-ordinary. The collar is as elegant as it is innovative. It stays open for easy filling when hanging, and closes securely when buttoned up to carry. At 75cm deep and 55cm wide, it's generous enough to take a week of laundry for two but just the right size for you to carry.
The clever design is simple to use. Just button the cord to the brass ring at the back and you've got a hanging loop. When it's time to go, close the collar, reposition the cord and it becomes your handle, making it secure and easy to carry.
So even in laundry bags you can choose the extra-ordinary.
And one more thing. In honour of Mr Chin, we've finished the hanging cord with a distinctive glass bead. Hand picked for each bag. Just for luck!
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Postage and handling outside Australia varies from country to country and is based on the weight of each parcel. Break points are 0.5 kg; 1.0 kg; 1.5 kg; 2.0 kg; 2.5 kg; 3.0 kg. 3kg is the maximum per international parcel. Prices are based on Australia Post's current international charges.
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Mr Chin's Laundry Bag Facts
Material. We use a rich, textured cotton to make our plain bags. The texture is a delight to the touch.
Our tapestry patterns vary but all of them are woven, furniture grade fabrics in earthy colours so the patterns don't date. The bags are fully washable so it's easy to keep them clean.
It's best to enquire as to the patterns available before ordering.
Size. A roomy 75cm deep x 55cm wide (30"x 22") the bag is tapered at the top so that it forms an elegant shape when hanging up or full to the brim and on it's way to Mr Chin's.
Construction. All the pieces of fabric that go to make up the bag are overlocked before assembly to give extra strength. All the seams are top stitched as well.
Fabric patterns and seams are all matched for that perfect finish.
Cords, toggles and rings are all triple stitched and tested to take the biggest load.
The ingenious design means that you can configure the bag for carrying when you need to take it with you.
Style. Whatever the material that you choose, the style and craftsmanship will never let you down.

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