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An elegant Shantung satin pouch packed with fragrant cedar shavings. Folded and tied with a satin ribbon to retain its aroma for a long time. Victor's secret formula is kept in a locked drawer and is mixed by him in small batches only, using essential oils from Tasmania. And appeals to both men and women. Assorted colours only as available.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). And for our international customers, we debit your credit card in Australian dollars. In addition to the invoice you receive when you place your order online, I issue my own inhouse Tax Invoices that are included with every parcel. For Australian customers, my Tax Invoices are compliant with the ATO and their requirements for the GST.

What's a Sweet Shoo anyway and what do you use it for?
The Sweet Shoo started life as a response to a dancer's request for aromatic inserts into her dancing shoes.
But when we designed the sachets we realised the potential for a multitude of other uses.
Like inside cupboards, freshening linen and lingerie drawers, tea towel drawers, writing desks, laundry bags, brief cases and any other enclosed space that gets musty and needs a boost.
Each sachet is folded concertina fashion and tied with a ribbon. So you have the option of a narrow and plump shape to fit into tight spaces like shoes. Or the folded out flat shape to lay at the bottom of your drawers.
The Sweet Shoo is attractively packaged so it makes an ideal gift for someone special.
Postage and handling within Australia is a flat rate PER PARCEL Australia wide, regardless of how many items you put in your parcel. The current flat rate per parcel is AUD$16.95.

Postage and handling outside Australia varies from country to country and is based on the weight of each parcel. Break points are 0.5 kg; 1.0 kg; 1.5 kg; 2.0 kg; 2.5 kg; 3.0 kg. 3kg is the maximum per international parcel. Prices are based on Australia Post's current international charges.

For international customers, please check with your respective Customs agency to see if any import taxes or duty will be applied to your purchase. If they are applicable, these charges are made at the time of entry into your country. And are payable by you. Australia has Free Trade Agreements with many countries. But not with all countries.
Sweet Shoo Facts
Materials. The outside casing is made from Shantung for that luxurious touch. The filler is pure cedar shavings (the waste from a timber window manufacturer and is also an insect repellent). The aroma is from pure distilled essential oils blended in the style of perfume. Our formula includes Frankincense, Pine and Bergamot as the basic ingredients with additional aromatic oils to link these and give depth to the aroma. All our essential oils are from Tasmania and are pure and chemical free.
Design. The pouches have three pockets which are folded concertina fashion and tied with a satin ribbon. Each pair is then packed in cellophane. Take them out and use them as they are or take the ribbon off and lay them flat. Massaging the cedar inside each pocket produces additional bursts of aroma.
We have carefully chosen and blended our fragrant oils to appeal to both men and women.
Whichever way you chose to use the Sweet Shoo the subtle aroma will last for a long, long time and can be refreshed.

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