Roadworks Apron, Navy Cotton Drill. Last One Available Now.


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No job is too tough for an apron with style and substance. Cut high in the waist, it suits both men and women and is the perfect fit for any figure. Plus. It covers all of you. So, if you're like me, and you like to wipe your flour coated hands with a slap on each hip, this apron will provide the coverage. Ditto for splashes. Even those cheeky spits at the frying pan don't get past this BIG apron.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). And for our international customers, we debit your credit card in Australian dollars. In addition to the invoice you receive when you place your order online, I issue my own inhouse Tax Invoices that are included with every parcel. For Australian customers, my Tax Invoices are compliant with the ATO and their requirements for the GST.

Cooking and cleaning, gardening, your workshop, cellar door, your print shop, deli, cafe, unpacking stock in your warehouse, all cause stains plus wear and tear on your clothes. You start to wear aprons once you realise how well they protect your clothes from everything.

In fact, so many of you wear aprons, Google has 3,460,000 entries. With all those, why do we have an apron too?

Because a friend said he and his wife couldn't find an apron they liked. So we designed an apron simply as a gift. And we made the same apron look good on both his large girth and her delicate petite figure.

Did they like their aprons? So much so, they asked for more for their friends. It's now one of our most popular products.

Why is it called the Roadworks Apron? Because no job is too tough for this apron with style and substance.

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For international customers, please check with your respective Customs agency to see if any import taxes or duty will be applied to your purchase. If they are applicable, these charges are made at the time of entry into your country. And are payable by you. Australia has Free Trade Agreements with many countries. But not with all countries.

Roadworks Apron Facts

Material. We only use navy cotton drill because it's made with a diagonal weave so it's tough, washable and colourfast. All the ties are pure cotton herringbone tape in no nonsense navy to match. The ties are finished with chrome tips on the cut ends to give the apron that bit of class.
Style. It's cut high in the waist, so it suits both men and women and is the perfect fit for any figure.
A generous bib has an easy to adjust neck halter to suit every size and shape.
The ties are long so that you can tie the apron in front, even if you're well endowed.
It wraps around your hips and covers well below your knees, regardless of height.
There are three useful pockets across the front to hold anything from tools to recipes.
We detail the apron with contrasting thread to set off the rich navy colour.
The original denim shown in our photos is no longer available, so all our aprons are now made out of classic navy cotton drill.

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