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The best pressing cloths are still made by hand. The Best Boy Pressing Cloth is simply the finest you will ever use. At a generous 25cm x 75cm (10 inches x 30 inches), it's just the cloth for you or the perfectionist in your life.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). And for our international customers, we debit your credit card in Australian dollars. In addition to the invoice you receive when you place your order online, I issue my own inhouse Tax Invoices that are included with every parcel. For Australian customers, my Tax Invoices are compliant with the ATO and their requirements for the GST.

Scorching and burning clothes is very easy to do when you're ironing. Set your iron a little too high and your delicate and synthetic fabrics melt and crinkle in an instant. You can scorch a cotton shirt by wetting it too much and leaving the iron on it a few seconds too long.
What about the logos on your T-shirts? They melt under your iron. And are fabrics that tend to shine, like business clothes, a problem when you iron?
Ironing without scorching and ruining clothes is possible-even if you're ironing in a hurry-and at the last minute.
The solution is a pressing cloth.
You lay the cloth over whatever you're ironing and press as normal retaining your high heat setting. The pressing cloth allows heat and steam through but protects against scorching and burning.
So you get a crisper finish and you don't waste time waiting for your iron to adjust the temperature.
But not all pressing cloths live up to expectations, as our customers pointed out. So we made The Best Boy Pressing Cloth to live up to your exacting standards even if you're the most demanding of ironers.
Postage and handling within Australia is a flat rate PER PARCEL Australia wide, regardless of how many items you put in your parcel. The current flat rate per parcel is AUD$16.00.

Postage and handling outside Australia varies from country to country and is based on the weight of each parcel. Break points are 0.5 kg; 1.0 kg; 1.5 kg; 2.0 kg; 2.5 kg; 3.0 kg. 3kg is the maximum per international parcel. Prices are based on Australia Post's current international charges.
For international customers, please check with your respective Customs agency to see if any import taxes or duty will be applied to your purchase. If they are applicable, these charges are made at the time of entry into your country. And are payable by you. Australia has Free Trade Agreements with many countries. But not with all countries.

Best Boy Pressing Cloth Facts
The fabric is all natural, 100% seeded homespun. Robust enough to absorb the heat but light enough to see the shape of your garment.
The size 25cm x 75cm (10"x 30") it's ideal for pressing ties, trousers, scarves, woollens and T-Shirts.
The finish is hand frayed around all the edges so there's no seam or hem to mark your clothes, or lint to mess up your finished garment.
The attention to detail includes a stylish laundry proof logo that lets you know to always iron on that side so the side in contact with your clothes stays clean.
Safe to use. All natural. Not chemically treated.

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