Superior Felt Underlay. This will NOT fit boards for Extra Large Covers.


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Your Fitz Like a Glove™ Cover is NOT PADDED & lasts longer with a BIG & thick Superior Felt Underlay. Trim to the shape of your board & allow for overlap to cover all edges.

This will NOT fit boards larger than 46cm (18 in) wide. Or longer than 140cm (56").

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). And for our international customers, we debit your credit card in Australian dollars. In addition to the invoice you receive when you place your order online, I issue my own inhouse Tax Invoices that are included with every parcel. For Australian customers, my Tax Invoices are compliant with the ATO and their requirements for the GST.

Do you know there's a danger signal when ironing? It's seeing the mesh pattern of your ironing board appearing on your clothes.
This means that your underlay isn't doing its job. It's not giving you a firm, resilient surface to iron on. And it's not insulating your metal board from your hot iron. You need to replace it. But with what?
The most common type of underlay is foam, but it doesn't last very long because it's a thin and porous synthetic. Heat from your iron quickly disintegrates it, forming a lumpy ironing surface.
With an underlay made of felt, you have a more durable ironing surface. Felt is a polyester and cotton mix needled and compressed into a dense mat.
It gives you a smooth and resilient surface for ironing.
But as with everything, not all felt is equally good.
Most felt is thin, lightweight and pre-cut, so it doesn't fit your board as it should.
Our felt is made thicker and bigger for the fussy ironer.


Postage and handling within Australia is a flat rate PER PARCEL Australia wide, regardless of how many items you put in your parcel. The current flat rate per parcel is AUD$16.95.

Postage and handling outside Australia varies from country to country and is based on the weight of each parcel. Break points are 0.5 kg; 1.0 kg; 1.5 kg; 2.0 kg; 2.5 kg; 3.0 kg. 3kg is the maximum per international parcel. Prices are based on Australia Post's current international charges.
For international customers, please check with your respective Customs agency to see if any import taxes or duty will be applied to your purchase. If they are applicable, these charges are made at the time of entry into your country. And are payable by you. Australia has Free Trade Agreements with many countries. But not with all countries.

Superior Felt Underlay Facts
Size and shape. A large 46cm x 137cm x 0.8cm thick (18" x 54" x 1/3" thick) rectangle. Can be cut to any board shape.
Composition. Made from recycled polyester and cotton. Compressed and needled to thoroughly bond the fibres. This produces a firm, smooth, non textured surface which is ideal as an ironing underlay.
Method. With your Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover, it's the perfect ironing surface. Because the felt is a rectangle it can be cut to any board shape to cover the top and the sides.
This prevents your cover wearing around the edges. The cover contours the thick felt to your board shape and holds it in place, for smoother, quicker ironing.
Longer life. Because it's dense and compressed, it stays thick and resilient for a long time.



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